The banana is a fruit that is consumed throughout the year. This fruit, particularly rich in trace elements, is traditionally consumed ripe “yellow”, after having been sent “green” by sea.

The company has 120 hectares for production, looking for the balance between demand and supply. Our plantations are located in the northern part of the country, in the region of Lambayeque – Olmos.

We have certifications that state we are respectful to our workers, environment, and sustainability. This cultivation of the banana has generated a social and economic development in the region. Currently, the company has more than 120 employees in the area.

The geographical distribution and availability are depicted here:

  • Common name: Banana.
  • Scientific name: Musa Paradisiaca.

Fruit from a tropical origin, oblong shape. It can bear 5 up to 20 bunch of bananas, with 2 up to 20 fruits each one. It has a greenish yellow skin.

No pesticide or chemicals used during cropping, and grows using traditional methods, the more natural way. Our Banana crop is located north of Peru, Olmos city – Chiclayo.

  • Exportable variety: Williams
  • Kind: Cavendish Valery fresh
  • Tariff Certification:
  • Presentation: Boxes for 18.5 Kg with polyethylene bags and paper dividers
  • Destination market: Asia (Hong Kong), Europe (Holland, Belgium, France, Germany, Spain), North America (Canada, USA)
  • Type: by sea
  • Projected shipment: 48   FCL (1 weekly)
  • Boxes x FCL: 1,020
  • Certification: organic and  global GAP
  • Availability: All year round
  • Production areas: Piura (Morropon), Chiclayo (Olmos)
  • Loading dock location: Paita – Piura
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