In Peru, the export of garlic has been growing. Our main destinations are Mexico and the United States. We develop different varieties of garlic, such as Napuri garlic, Chinese garlic, and Canyon garlic, handling presentations as boxes of 10kg or 30Lb in bulk, as well as units in meshes. In 2018, we have been the main exporter of garlic in Peru.

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The mango is largely consumed as its fresh state, but it can also be used to prepare marmalades and jams. We’ve seen some clients are requiring them in frozen cubes also. It is sweet fruit, refreshing and easy to consume, rich in substances with antioxidant action, the reason why its consumption is adequate, taking into account also its nutritional properties for the entire population.

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Premium Guajillo Chile

Premium Guajillo Chile


  • Size: ≥ 13 cm long, ≥ 3 cm wide.
  • Type: Guajillo Chile, smooth texture.
  • Color: Uniform reddish.
  • Humidity: ≤ 14 % RH
  • Parameters: Fungus 0%, cracked 4%, broken 1%, colorless 0%, shriveled 0%, fluted 0%.


The way we are sending them outside Peru are as follow:


  • Corrugated cardboard box 11.34 kg – 25 Lb (as it is)

Minimum quantity:

  • 1 container 10 TM.
  • 1 container 20 TM.

Any other presentation of this product is developed prior to coordination with the client, as well as the shipments that are loaded at Callao port – Lima, Peru.

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