Paprikas – Pepper

Paprikas – Pepper

Paprika is a crop native from South America, specifically from the area of Peru, and from some areas of Bolivia. It is a plant cultivated by ancient Native American that Columbus found during his first trip, and took it to Spain in 1543, extending throughout the sixteenth century to other countries in Europe, Asia, and Africa. Paprika was a staple food for the indigenous population. The paprika is a plant with many types that give rise to different forms and uses for the fruit.

It has a high content of C and A vitamins, and lycopene which is important for the adequate absorption of iron, calcium and other amino acids. It is also used for the healing of wounds, the increase of defenses, as digestive, diuretic, etc. The lack of these can cause a general weakness in the organism, such as fragile hair, gums that bleed, wounds that do not heal, loss of appetite, etc.

Our cultivation fields are prepared to produce high-quality paprika according to the demands of the market. Our Engineers are aware of the requirement and the composition of the fruits to be produced, therefore quality inputs are used and cultivation techniques are applied that allow us to obtain high productivity, good organoleptic and chemical quality. Next, we mention the products and sub-products based on our paprika harvested in the different regions of Peru:

Our product meets quality characteristics determined by the specifications requested by our client with the highest standards for TABLE and MILLING.

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