Piquillo pepper seeds (kernel)

Piquillo pepper seeds, with a very low proportion of capsaicin that together with other components called capsaicinoids do not exceed 1%. Fruits of the new harvest, whole, and dry, meeting quality standards.

Peru is the main exporter of canned piquillo peppers to Spain. Likewise, Spain leads its sale to the US, although they are basically represented by re-exports of the Peruvian product, so the objective of our company is to cut this “triangulation” and place the product directly in the North American market.

To exist high levels of productivity in the valleys of the coast, to have a piquillo pepper of extra quality, to have the necessary technology for its processing, and to be within a solid current of commercial economic integration between Peru and the USA. Our company intends to take advantage of the opportunity provided by this situation to consolidate as agro-exporters, generating profitability for its shareholders and the consequent generation of employment in the development of our operations.

Our main product:

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